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VMware vRealize Operations Manager Documentation
vRealize Operations Manager Sizing Guidelines
vRealize Operations Manager Management Packs
vROps6 Views & Reports Spreadsheet
VM Right-Sizing Best Practice Guide
Blue Medora Management Packs
vRealize Operations Manager Reference Architecture Guide
Remote Collector Information

Video Training

vRealize Operations Manager 6.0 Video Support Series
Youtube Videos
Migration to vRealize Operations 6 Video

Hands on Labs

HOL-SDC-1601 (Cloud Management with vRealize Operations Insight)
HOL-SDC-1602 (vSphere with Operations Management 6: Advanced Topics)
HOL-SDC-1610 (Virtualization 101: vSphere with Operations Management 6)
HOL-SDC-1624 (VMware NSX and the vRealize Suite)


Lior Kamrat
Sunny Dua
Iwan Rahabok
Mark Monce
Jason Gaudreau
John Dias
Using Postman to Explore the vRealize Operations Manager 6 API
Scott Norris


VMware vRealize Operations Performance and Capacity Management by Iwan ‘e1’ Rahabok

Mastering vRealize Operations Manager by Scott Norris & Christopher Slater

vRealize Operations 6 Administrator’s Companion: Performance Monitoring Capacity Planning Right-Sizing by Jason Gaudreau

@ryandcartwright #protip:


  • All  nodes in an analytics cluster must meet 2 networking requirements – less than 1ms of latency & at least 1Gb of throughput
  • :  ALWAYS set NTP to a validated internal time source for ALL Analytics  nodes.
  • : When deploying your  nodes, NEVER put them on the same datastore as your  server or its database.
  • : If the vCenter metric Summary|VC Query Time in  exceeds 300000ms, it indicates vCenter issues. Create a KPI or alert.
  • #protip: A Windows based Remote Collector is required for the SCOM Management Pack on @vRealizeOps