Complete List of VMware Site Recovery Manager vRealize Orchestrator Workflows

On November 22, 2016, VMware vRealize Orchestrator Plug-In for Site Recovery Manager 6.5 was released and provided 18 new actions and workflows available through vRealize Orchestrator. Details can be found in the Release Notes. Unfortunately, there was not a complete list of all of the workflows and actions that were created based on previous releases in one location. With the help of GS Khalsa, I was able to get a complete list which can be found below.

For other updates in SRM 6.5, I urge everyone to check out his blog titled What’s New in VMware Site Recovery Manager 6.5. There are a lot of great improvements and there is finally integration with vRealize Operations Manager with the VMware vRealize Operations Management Pack for Site Recovery Manager 6.5. If you are a vRealize Log Insight user, check out the new SRM Content Pack.

As of December 2016, here is the complete list of all VMware Site Recovery Manager 6.5 vRealize Orchestrator Workflows:

• Configuration
○ Configure Local Sites
○ Configure Remote Site
○ Login Remote Site
○ Remove Local Sites
• Inventory Mappings
○ Add Folder Mapping
○ Add Network Mapping
○ Add Resource Mapping
○ Add Test Network Mapping
○ Get Folder Mappings
○ Get Network Mappings
○ Get Resource Mappings
○ Get Test Network Mappings
○ Remove Folder Mappings
○ Remove Network Mappings
○ Remove Resource Mappings
○ Remove Test Network Mappings
• Protection Groups
○ Add Replicated VM to vSphere Replication Protection Group
○ Create Protection Group for Array Based Replication
○ Create Protection Group for vSphere Replication
○ Find ABR Protection Group by Datastore
○ Get Unassigned Replicated Datastores
○ List Protected Datastores
○ List Protection Groups
○ Protect All Unprotected VMs Associated with Protection Group
○ Protect VM
○ Remove Protection Group
○ Remove Replicated VM from vSphere Replication Protection Group
○ Unprotect VM
• Recovery Plans
○ Add Protection Group to Recovery Plan
○ Add Test Network Mapping to Recovery Plan
○ Create Recovery Plan
○ Delete Recovery Plan
○ Get Recovery Plan Status
○ Initiate Cancel Recovery Plan
○ Initiate Cleanup Recovery Plan
○ Initiate Failover Recovery Plan
○ Initiate Planned Migration Recovery Plan
○ Initiate Reprotect Recovery Plan
○ Initiate Test Recovery Plan
○ List Recovery Plans
○ Remove Protection Group from Recovery Plan
○ Remove Test Network Mapping from Recovery Plan
○ Set VM Recovery Settings
• SRM Samples
○ Convert Multiple VMs to Unassigned Replicated VMs
○ Convert VM to Unassigned Replicated VM
○ Create ABR group, Protect Existing VMs, Add To Recovery Plan
○ Create VM and Protect It
○ Post Provisioning SRM Configuration for vRA Workflow
○ Set Recovery Settings from vRA VM properties
○ Wait Task End
• Storage
○ Discover Replicated Devices


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