Redirecting Hyperic Agent Logs to Log Insight

The file contains properties that you can configure to govern both agent-initiated and server-initiated communication.

If you want to ingest your hyperic agent logs with Log Insight, the following configuration items may be added to your file during initial deployment and configuration of your agent.

Append the following to your The default location is AgentHome/conf.

log4j.rootLogger=${agent.logLevel}, R, S
log4j.appender.S.SyslogHost=<INSERT LOG INSIGHT FQDN OR IP HERE>
log4j.appender.S.layout.ConversionPattern=HQAGENT:%d{dd-MM-yyyy HH:mm:ss,SSS z} %-5p [%t] [%c{1}@%L] %m%n

Note: Replace <INSERT LOG INSIGHT FQDN OR IP HERE> with your FQDN or IP of your Log Insight Server.


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