Better late than never

After much procrastination and being torn between a few domain names, I decided to purchase The decision took place after scribbling down a few ideas on a bar napkin while watching a hockey playoff game in a bar in New York City. I looked back at some my original ideas that I had saved over the past few months, but was never completely satisfied with the name until now. After a few days of researching which blog platform to use, I decided on I was about to pay for a new hosting provider when a memory triggered about some hosting space I had bought in 2008. I decided to search for the hosting information in my gmail to find my credentials (gotta love gmail archiving), when I discovered that I still had almost 4 years left on a 10 year hosting subscription (paid in full) back in 2008 when I had a freelance consulting company with an old coworker.

So why am I creating a blog now? Well, there are a few reasons. One is to help keep all of my notes and thoughts organized when I am learning a new product as well as testing out new features and functionality in the products that I am responsible for. Sometimes I discover new tips and tricks when discussing and demonstrating the vRealize Operations Manager and more recently vRealize Operations Insight solutions. There are many use cases that I talk about not only with my customers, but also my peers.  I constantly learn new ideas that make sense to share with the community so others can benefit from what I have learned or pitfalls to avoid. Most of the time, I have been keeping these messages in my Evernote or archived in my inbox to forever to be lost and forgotten until I need to search for a key word to dig them up.

My goal is to share mine and customer experiences (where I am allowed to), tips & tricks, best practices, as well as providing some ideas for content (in the form of dashboards, queries, and reports) that can be used in both vRealize Operations Manager as well as Log Insight.

This blog will probably evolve over time not only in the form of the topics that I blog about, but also as I discover the features and functionality of wordpress to incorporate new plugins and clear. Hopefully I provide some useful content for those that decide to follow my blog as well as those who stumble upon my site via google search.


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